THF created original Educational Exercise by collaborating with Miss Japan Contest Organising Committee and Miss Japan Volunteer Association for boosting exercise habits. 

It has been officially supported by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of Japan.

  • A-ha-ha Project
  • Kep Kep Clean!
  • YUKATA Contest
  • Keep Bangkok Clean
  • Beauticise
  • Keep Angkor Clean!

THF’s main focus is charitable work in 3 key areas of the social spectrum 

Cultural Exchange

Public Hygiene 

Oral Hygiene - "A-Ha-Ha Project"


from THF to

Through cleaning up campaign in several cities, THF aims at promoting awareness about public hygiene. 

   - "Kep Kep Clean!" in Kep city, Cambodia

   - "Keep Bangkok Clean" in Bangkok city, Thailand

   - "Keep Angkor Clean!" at Angkor Wat Temple Complex,  

       Siem Reap Province, Cambodia

The cultural competition, YUKATA Contest aims at promoting charms of Japanese traditional garment and symbolising exchange of Cambodia and Japan’s culture.
It has been also part of the KIZUNA Festival, a cultural event organised by the  Japanese Embassy to Cambodia.

Sports Development

  • Miss Japan Volunteer Association
  • Ban Kru Noi Foundation
  • Happyland​

Health Education

This annual project, "A-Ha-Ha Project" aims at highlighting the importance of good health among children including the under-privileged. 
Two key areas of focus are Oral Health and Sports. 
Tennis Cambodia and University of Health Sciences are coordinating with THF as partners. 

Educational Exercise "Beauticise"

"YUKATA Contest in Cambodia"